Omega Oils make maintenance:

  • Faster
  • Safer
  • More Reliable

Omega Oils are engineered to:

  • Lower Costs
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Cut Out Wastage

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Welcome to Tim Buckley Ltd. and the OMEGA range of quality industrial maintenance Greases, Oils, Additives and solutions

As a modern engineer you are constantly striving to improve the profitability of your company by reducing down-time costs, reducing energy consumption and improving productivity.

In pursuit of these aims you constantly demand better quality, improved performance, greater reliability and economy from the maintenance oils, greases & additives that you use – oils, greases & additives that are the life-blood of the plant, machinery and equipment for which you are responsible.

Don’t take chances. Discover a range of greases, oils & additives formulated for the maintenance of machinery, vehicles, equipment and plant that are so reliable and so cost-effective that they literally pay for themselves time and time again. Lubricants that are renowned the world over for their exceptional quality, performance, long life and cost-saving benefits – out-performing all others in even the toughest conditions.

Omega is a division of Magna Industrial Co. Ltd. of Hong Kong where the focus is producing only high performance lubricants for you the customers who demand the best, unlike major oil companies whose main business is mass marketing of fuells at the pumps.

The base oil generally used in the manufacture of Omega lubricants is a high quality refined paraffinic (5% of the worlds oil reserves is paraffinic). The advantages of parrafinic based crudes are many and well known. They contain no harmful asphalt or sulphur. They display superior lubrication action, a higher viscosity index, better resistance to heat and oxidation in severe conditions that ordinary napthenics (95%) can’t handle. Omega products also feature a technically advanced family of exclusive and unique supplements called MEGALITES to ensure maximum protection for your costly plant, machinery and equipment especially at higher temperatures. Other additives used include Extreme Pressure (EP) to significantly reduce wear, anti oxidants, viscosity controllers, and corrosion preventatives.

Omega Maintenance lubricants – are available to you in Ireland through Tim Buckley Limited – contact us now.