Omega 78 – Food Grade Anti-Corrosion Grease

omega78_picOmega 78 Food Grade Anti-Corrosion Grease belongs to the latest revolutionary generation of lubrication solutions

  • Omega 78 is formulated to offer exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying capacity, reduced wear, and excellent resistance to water, rust and corrosion.
  • Omega 78 protects and extends the life expectancy of critical equipment by its powerful “fish-scale” like pattern coating – a technological competitive edge.
  • Omega 78 outperforms other premium greases such as lithium complex, aluminum complex and polyurea.

Omega 78 is the super anti-corrosion grease that:

  • Features excellent EP (extreme pressure) and AW (antiwear) properties
  • Needs no additional additives
  • Ensures low bleed tendencies even at high temperatures – together with excellent mechanical stability give maximum lubricant life for promising cost-efficiencies

Omega 78 Food Grade Anti-Corrosion Grease is the revolutionary & genuine multipurpose grease that satisfies most major industries and abundant innovative applications. Engineers and Maintenance Professionals use Omega 78 for versatile applications including:

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Automotive Industries
  • Paper Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Mining Operations
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Offshore Industries and Marine Applications.

Omega 78 prevails in the most adverse environments, while maintaining its outstanding properties: EP & AW and excellent resistance to corrosion, oxidation, water spray-off, washout even under elevated temperatures.

For dull details about this product, please download the pdf:

Omega 78 - Food Grade Anti-Corrosion Grease - PDF file (551kb)

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