Omega 778 – “TYPE II” Synthetic Engine Oil

omega778_picOmega 778 “Type II” Synthetic Engine Oil is the advanced “Zero Drag” lubricant engineered to outstrip the anti-friction/ anti-wear ability of all previous synthetic engine oils.

  • Omega 778 is a second generation all-synthetic lubricant designed to ensure unsurpassed performance in the most demanding conditions.
  • Omega 778 has enhanced anti-friction/anti-wear characteristics – 100% resistant to oil shear.
  • Omega 778 extends drain interval up to 25,000 km in gasoline engines – five to six times longer than ordinary oils.

Omega 778 is the advanced synthetic engine oil that:

  • Promotes consistent idling, acceleration and deceleration for a noticeable improvement.
  • Reduces engine maintenance, engine vibration and camshaft noise – minimizes maintenance and repair shop time.
  • Extends the service life of expensive catalytic converters by decreasing oil volatility and overall oil consumption.
  • Promotes better fuel mileage by minimizing fuel-wasting friction and promoting faster engine revolution.

Omega 778 is a “Type II” second generation engine oil that overcomes the problems inherent in ordinary first generation synthetics in high-performance, high-demand conditions.

Omega 778 utilizes specific all-synthetic components to outperform even the finest mineral oils and ordinary first generation synthetics.

Omega 778 provides trouble-free performance even in high-output turbo-charged engines – even at “soak-down” temperatures exceeding 325¢XC.
Use Omega 778 confidently for optimum performance in all high-performance passenger car engines.

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