Omega 790 – Special Textile Oil

Omega790_picOmega 790 Special Textile Oil is the light-bodied, colorless lubricant with high lubricity and exceptional stability that has been designed for reliable, long-lasting performance.

  • Omega 790 is quality formulated specially for use with machinery used in today’s textiles and thread industries.
  • Omega 790 absolutely will not stain or mark fabric – it’s entirely scourable and washable easily with water.
  • Omega 790 provides extremely high-speed performance –     up to 20,000 rpm.


Omega 790 is the special textile oil that:

  • Penetrates that hair-thin space between “blade” and “bolster” on textile spindles, yet clings tenaciously to metal surfaces in high-speed operation.
  • Has lowest possible viscosity so that power loss from internal friction is held to the absolute minimum.
  • Helps prevent seizing compounds from building up on needles to enable smooth, continuous operation.
  • Helps prevent static electricity build-up to minimize a leading cause of fires when large build-ups suddenly discharge.

Omega 790 is a viscosity balanced lubricant that meets most engineer’s demands for high-speed applications. Special pour point depressants in Omega 790 provide the stability required to keep viscosity at development point without thickening.

Omega 790 is a remarkable wetting agent that minimizes “fly” when carding, while displaying unparalleled resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Omega 790 emulsifies so that it is easily washed away with water and does not affect subsequent fabric dyeing operations.

Use Omega 790 on high-speed textile spindles and thread machinery, knitting machines and sewing machines.

For dull details about this product, please download the pdf:

Omega 790 - Special Textile Oil - PDF file (23kb)

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