Omega 57 – Super Bearing Grease

omega57_picOmega 57 Super Bearing Grease is truly an “All-Purpose Lubricant” designed to give optimum results in both vehicle and equipment bearings as well as chassis greasing points.

  • Omega 57 is quality engineered for use in a wide variety of high impact and extreme pressure conditions.
  • Omega 57 contains super supplements and Omega’s exclusive “Megalite” additives that form a wear-resistant film on metal surfaces to minimize metal-to-metal contact.
  • Omega 57 is formulated for excellent resistance to water – protects working surfaces against corrosion and oxidation.

Omega 57 is the super bearing grease that:

  • Solves roller bearing problems where heat, water and extreme conditions are present.
  • Provides the greatest “Margin of Protection”, having a minimum Dropping Point of 249°C.
  • Sets up its own seal against dirt, dust and water.
  • Is super cohesive – will not channel to outer bearings to leave bearings unprotected.

Omega 57 features high fiber strength paraffinic base oils to provide unprecedented built-in toughness. Omega 57 is triple milled for rapid penetration into even close-fitting, tight tolerance bearings and fittings.

Use Omega 57 as a general purpose grease lubrication on all types of bearings and vehicle chassis lubrication points.
Omega 57 is also suitable for outdoor applications due to its excellent sealing action.

For dull details about this product, please download the pdf:

Omega 57 - Super Bearing Grease - PDF file (147kb)

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