Omega 658 – Emulsifiable, Cutting & Cooling Fluid

Features outstanding lubricity, nonhazardous and super safe handling qualities and improved economy (can be mixed up to 40 parts with water).

Omega 657 – Premium Quality Cutting Oil

Featuring HSLR Omega additive Omega 657 enables faster working speed, enhanced accuracy and extends cutting tool life. Can be used for severe cutting operations such as broaching and machining tough alloys.

Omega 656 – Cutting, Grinding & Machining Fluid

100% Synthetic Can be used on iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and copper as well as non-metals, such as ceramics and glass. Totally chlorine-free (an environmental hazard), sulphurfree (which causes staining on copper and its alloys), and nitrite-free (a serious worker health hazard)!!!