Omega 696 – “Dura-Power” Drive Train & Hydraulic Fluid

Exceeds the latest Caterpillar TO-4 and Allison C-4 Specification. For use in transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes, power take-off’s & final drives. Unique “Balanced Fluidity” component virtually eliminates clutch/power setting adjustments for the life of your equipment. ISO VG(SAE) 100(30) & 32(10W).

Omega 615 – Synthetic Air & Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Provides up to ten times operating life of ordinary compressor oils used in rotary vane and rotary screw compressors. Suitable for use down to -40°C. Virtually eliminates oil foaming and varnish formation.
ISO VG 46 (SAE 15) & ISO VG 100 (SAE 30).

Omega 612 – Universal Lubrication & Hydraulic Oil

Super multi-purpose lubrication oil designed for almost all forms of machinery lubrication and equipment where EP oils are not recommended. ISO VG(SAE) 15(5), 32(10), 68(20), 100(30) & 150(40).

Omega 609 – Food-Grade Air Line Lubricant

Makes this high quality oil suitable for use in and around food/pharmaceutical/beverage equipment. Highly stable formula provides superior lubrication in pressurized air systems. ISO VG 32 (SAE 10).

Omega 606 – Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil

A high performance, high viscosity, multi-grade hydraulic oil fitting most hydraulic systems made by major European, US and Japanese manufacturers. ISO VG 100 (SAE 10W40).