Omega 648 – “Smokeless” Hi-Temp Chain Lubricant

Specially formulated high-tech blend of extremely stable low-evaporation synthetic fluids. Non-carbonizing even when used at elevated temperatures for extended periods. Ideal for use in high-cleanliness and high-temperature applications. ISO VG 150.

Omega 647 – “Carbon-Free” Hi-Temp Chain Lubricant

100% synthetic formulation that produces no carbon residues at elevated operating temperatures. Ultra low smoke emission and high tackiness for “stay put” reliability. Special “Megalite” friction modifiers provides lubrication even should vaporization of base fluid occurs. ISO VG 220.

Omega 646 – Superior Chain Lubricant

Superior “Megalite” additive prevents metal welding and shearing. High stability to provide lubrication for chains where other ordinary oils fling off, drip off or melt off. ISO VG (SAE) 68(40), 150(50) & 220(90).

Omega 608 – Superior Chain and Way Lubricant

Features extra high film strength to prevent chains from scoring, cracking and breaking. Excellent for slideways, high-speed chains, conveyors and hookways. ISO VG (SAE) 100(30), 150(40) & 220(50).

Omega 27 – ThermaSyn FG Chain Grease

Food grade NLGI “00″ grease formulated with advanced synthetic base fluid (PFPE) and thickener (PTFE) for the food and beverage processing and packing industry to lubricate chain systems operating at high temperature and in chemically hostile conditions. NLGI “00″ Temp Range -25°C to 280°C