Omega 615 – Synthetic Air & Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Provides up to ten times operating life of ordinary compressor oils used in rotary vane and rotary screw compressors. Suitable for use down to -40°C. Virtually eliminates oil foaming and varnish formation.
ISO VG 46 (SAE 15) & ISO VG 100 (SAE 30).

Omega 613 – Superior Air Compressor Oil

Controls oxidation at elevated temperatures. Seals packing and pistons to prevent air leakage, stops the formation of carbon deposits and acts as a heat transfer medium. Highly Recommended for vacuum pumps.
ISO VG(SAE) 32(10), 68(20), 100(30) & 150(40).

Omega 907 – Engine & Compressor Flush

Removes harmful deposits from within engines and air compressors. Prevents the immediate deterioration of new oil by cleaning out all the damaging components of the old oil.