Omega 77 – EP Bearing & Chassis Grease

For heavy duty chassis points in both friction and anti-friction bearings. Withstands extreme shock loadings. Forms its own seal against water and outside temperatures and contaminants. Has high resistance to pounding out. Excellent cohesive and EP properties. NLGI 2 & 00. Temp Range -7°C to 149°C

Omega 85 – “Shear Sensation Plus” All-Purpose Grease

Has unmatched shear strength and in-built temperature stability. Stays exactly without squeeze out, thinning or deforming. Matches every seal type. NLGI 2 & 0. Temp Range -10°C to 230°C

Omega 690 – Super EP Gear Oil

Protects & lubricates gears with the innovative CTA (Compensatory Thermostatic Action) that delivers the ultimate “stay put” lubricity – maximizing gear efficiency. OMEGA 690 surpasses the API GL-5 and GL-6 requirements. ISO VG (SAE) 150(90), 320(140), 150(80W90), 320(85W140), 100(75W90), 220(75W140) & 460.

Omega 680 – High-Performance Worm Gear Oil

Improves operating efficiency, saves energy, lowers operating temperatures and provides superior operating life for worm gear sets. ISO VG (SAE) 220(90) & 460(140).

Omega 670 – Straight Mineral Gear Oil

A premium oil heavily fortified against foam and oxidation permitting high heat and improved wear performance. ISO VG (SAE) 220(90) & 460(140).

Omega 612 – Universal Lubrication & Hydraulic Oil

Super multi-purpose lubrication oil designed for almost all forms of machinery lubrication and equipment where EP oils are not recommended. ISO VG(SAE) 15(5), 32(10), 68(20), 100(30) & 150(40).

Omega 606 – Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil

A high performance, high viscosity, multi-grade hydraulic oil fitting most hydraulic systems made by major European, US and Japanese manufacturers. ISO VG 100 (SAE 10W40).

Omega 603 – Universal Tractor Oil

Suitable for practically every make and model equipment. SAE 15W40

Omega 585 – Synthetic Food-Grade Chain & Gear Oil

Extended service range from -30 to 240°C. Perfect for both high heat and refrigerated applications in food processing plant. ISO VG 220 & 460

Omega 917 – “Seal Saver” Oil Weep Stopper

Lubricates, protects and prolongs the life of equipment seals. Prevents seal deterioration and assists in conditioning seals to prevent oil weep. Equipment dismantling for seal replacement is forever banished with regular use.