Omega 696 – “Dura-Power” Drive Train & Hydraulic Fluid

Exceeds the latest Caterpillar TO-4 and Allison C-4 Specification. For use in transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes, power take-off’s & final drives. Unique “Balanced Fluidity” component virtually eliminates clutch/power setting adjustments for the life of your equipment. ISO VG(SAE) 100(30) & 32(10W).

Omega 615 – Synthetic Air & Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Provides up to ten times operating life of ordinary compressor oils used in rotary vane and rotary screw compressors. Suitable for use down to -40°C. Virtually eliminates oil foaming and varnish formation.
ISO VG 46 (SAE 15) & ISO VG 100 (SAE 30).

Omega 612 – Universal Lubrication & Hydraulic Oil

Super multi-purpose lubrication oil designed for almost all forms of machinery lubrication and equipment where EP oils are not recommended. ISO VG(SAE) 15(5), 32(10), 68(20), 100(30) & 150(40).

Omega 609 – Food-Grade Air Line Lubricant

Makes this high quality oil suitable for use in and around food/pharmaceutical/beverage equipment. Highly stable formula provides superior lubrication in pressurized air systems. ISO VG 32 (SAE 10).

Omega 606 – Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil

A high performance, high viscosity, multi-grade hydraulic oil fitting most hydraulic systems made by major European, US and Japanese manufacturers. ISO VG 100 (SAE 10W40).

Omega 580 – Superior Food Machinery Oil

Omega advanced additives chemistry makes it possible, for the first time, to produce a high-performance Pharmaceutical Grade oil. Outlasts and outperforms any ordinary pure grade oil used in food processing, abattoirs, bottling, hospitals, canneries, bakeries and laboratories. Omega 580 is zinc free.
ISO VG 68 (SAE 20).

Omega 917 – “Seal Saver” Oil Weep Stopper

Lubricates, protects and prolongs the life of equipment seals. Prevents seal deterioration and assists in conditioning seals to prevent oil weep. Equipment dismantling for seal replacement is forever banished with regular use.

Omega 904 – Industrial Oil Concentrate

Designed specifically to improve operational efficiency of all equipment. Stabilises lubricant viscosity at all temperatures thereby reducing heat, wear, sludge build-up, lubricant oxidation and machine maintenance. Gives a longer oil change interval.