Omega 790 – Special Textile Oil

Light bodied, colorless oil that combines high lubricity and high stability for textile spindle lubrication. Will not stain. Emulsifies with water to allow yarn to accept dyeing even over spilt lubricant. Designed to absorb vibration and “cling” at high speeds. ISO VG 68(SAE 20) for speeds up to 20,000rpm. ISO VG 22(SAE 5-10) for higher speeds in excess of 20,000 rpm.

Omega 778 – “TYPE II” Synthetic Engine Oil

Second-generation, All-Synthetic, high-performance engine oil engineered to surpass performance envelope of ordinary synthetic engine oils. Extended drain interval of 25,000 kms for gasoline-powered cars. SAE 10W60.

Omega 757 – Long-Drain All-Fleet Engine Oil

Controls wear so effectively, it provides Ultra Long Life change intervals. Meets every vehicle engine manufacturers’ spec. SAE 15W40 & 20W50.

Omega 699 – Super Automatic Transmission Fluid

This is a truly multi-purpose fluid that meets and exceeds all current original equipment manufacturers specifications for automatic transmission fluids, including the latest and most rigorous specifications of DEXRON III®.

Omega 696 – “Dura-Power” Drive Train & Hydraulic Fluid

Exceeds the latest Caterpillar TO-4 and Allison C-4 Specification. For use in transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes, power take-off’s & final drives. Unique “Balanced Fluidity” component virtually eliminates clutch/power setting adjustments for the life of your equipment. ISO VG(SAE) 100(30) & 32(10W).

Omega 690 – Super EP Gear Oil

Protects & lubricates gears with the innovative CTA (Compensatory Thermostatic Action) that delivers the ultimate “stay put” lubricity – maximizing gear efficiency. OMEGA 690 surpasses the API GL-5 and GL-6 requirements. ISO VG (SAE) 150(90), 320(140), 150(80W90), 320(85W140), 100(75W90), 220(75W140) & 460.

Omega 680 – High-Performance Worm Gear Oil

Improves operating efficiency, saves energy, lowers operating temperatures and provides superior operating life for worm gear sets. ISO VG (SAE) 220(90) & 460(140).

Omega 670 – Straight Mineral Gear Oil

A premium oil heavily fortified against foam and oxidation permitting high heat and improved wear performance. ISO VG (SAE) 220(90) & 460(140).

Omega 660 – Superior Thermal Stability Heat Transfer Oil

Engineered to the highest operating standards. Improved heat transfer properties due to exceptionally fine, low viscosity base oil. ISO VG 100.

Omega 658 – Emulsifiable, Cutting & Cooling Fluid

Features outstanding lubricity, nonhazardous and super safe handling qualities and improved economy (can be mixed up to 40 parts with water).